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Updated: 12/10/16 06:27:29 AM

You may find it uncomfortable the first time you get a tattoo, so be prepared for that.

Updated: 12/10/16 05:19:30 AM

Without experience a tattoo artist can make a mess of your body.

Updated: 12/10/16 04:13:56 AM

You may have seen people who have full body tattoos that are very colorful and bold. Cartoon characters are popular for people getting tattoos on their arms and ankles.

Updated: 12/10/16 03:10:35 AM

When you want your tattoo to look good for many years, be sure to have our tattoo artist do it for you.

Updated: 12/10/16 01:42:03 AM

You can have just about anything tattooed on your body, and we can put it just about anywhere you want. When you want to express your love for someone, have a tattoo done in their honor.

Updated: 12/10/16 12:21:45 AM

Lip and nipple tattoos are popular with women who want permanent color so they look good at all times. Be sure to take some time to decide what type of tattoo you want and where you want it because they are very difficult to remove.

Updated: 12/09/16 11:19:38 PM

Expressing your emotions through a tattoo on your body is something you can do for yourself. We will be happy to give our opinions on tattoos you want, but the ultimate decision is yours.

Updated: 12/09/16 10:14:19 PM

Our experience with tattoos allows us to cover up just about any tattoo style you have that you don't like.

Updated: 12/09/16 09:06:57 PM

If you are having a full body tattoo done, keep in mind it can take days to complete.

Updated: 12/09/16 08:00:06 PM

When you need a tattoo covered up, come to our shop for the best cover up tattoos in town.

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